Building the World's Best Snowmobile Destination

Take the Survey. Be the Change.

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We need your help to create the World’s Best Snowmobile Destination. The Northeast Community Network is pleased to announce an exciting project designed to identify regional tourism and snowmobiling needs. Whether you are a tourism operator, snowmobile rider, club member or a volunteer, we want to hear from you. We need feedback from businesses and individuals to gather different perspectives about our regional snowmobiling industry.

This is your chance to get engaged and to be heard. By simply completing the short survey, you can help us improve capacity, efficiency, and delivery of tourism services to Northeastern Ontario’s snowmobile community! Every survey submission makes a difference.
Take the survey today. English and French versions available.


In addition to the survey, we are looking to hold several industry focus sessions, where snowmobile stakeholders can come together for live discussions, with a concentrated goal, for the advancement of the Northeastern Ontario snowmobile tourism product.


These focus sessions will all lead to a much bigger event, one we like to call the 2016 Snowmobile Summit. This event is expected to bring together all regionla snowmobile tourism stakeholders, to provide a climactic overview of the project. Stay tuned for more on that shortly.